New Girl (Season 2) Ep.2

3 Oct

The new Season’s 2 2nd episode :
Episode 2 : Katie , air-date : Tuesday September 25th, 2012.

Jess is getting pretty weird now that she’s unemployed; cooking in the kitchen, doing multi-cloth collage… Nick comes to the rescue!!
He takes her to the bar and Jess “gets off the grid” for the first time in her life!!
Winston’s Mom and Sister come to visit and Schmidt gets somehow torn between his wish that Winston’s mom would like him and his actual need to have sex with Winston’s sister, Alisha … This promises to be good!!
At the same time, Jess gets Nick to give her phone number to the guy that delivers the kegs to the bar and Nick meets “Nick”, an old man that sits alone at the bar and claims that he is a time traveler and he is actually Nick from the future.
The notion of meeting his future self gets Nick really freaked out, so he discusses the possibility of time travel with Schmidt, who starts contemplating on whom he would have had sex with if that really were possible.

Then Jess/Katie meets Sam/extremely hot from Cupid Match and she has the best sex of her life!!She is now an animal, which means that the guys will all have to lie about being dancers!!But Jess’s phone rings and … She’s in for trouble!! She gets a message from the delivery guy and, against all odds, decides to juggle two men!!

Schmidt crashes Alisha’s basketball team’s dinner, making way too many inappropriate comments and pissing Winston’s mom off, Nick talks to his future self at the bar and Jess finds out that she’s been texting all day with the wrong guy!!
Now that she’s stuck with Bear-claw, how will she be able to get herself out of this mess??
She claims to be sick and runs to the bar’s bathroom to have sex with Sam but it really isn’t her lucky day cause Andy (the delivery guy) and Bear-claw also happen to be in the same bathroom, and truth is not far from being revealed!!
In the end Nick realizes that “Nick” is just a mentally unstable homeless guy but nevertheless apologizes to Jess for his possible future mistake, Jess gets back together with Sam, who as it turns out has also lied and is only looking for meaningless sex and Schmidt plays a pitiful one to one basketball game with Alisha, in a last attempt to go to bed with her!!

Watch it on FOX or download it on iTunes .

source: FOX


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